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Certificate in CAD Draftsman

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CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Draftsman training course is designed to train individuals in the use of computer software and technology to create technical drawings and 3D models used in the manufacturing, engineering, and architecture industries.

Core Features Of This Course:

  • About CAD Software
  • Handling Practical
  • Session Final data
  • Preparation

Career Opportunities:

  • CAD Draftsman

The course is aimed at providing learners with the skills and knowledge necessary to become proficient in using CAD software tools for drafting, modeling, and creating technical drawings.

The course covers the basics of drafting principles, CAD software tools, and techniques for creating 2D and 3D models, including precision measurements, geometric construction, and technical drawing standards. Learners will be introduced to industry-standard CAD software, including AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and Revit, and will learn to create models and drawings used in mechanical, civil, and architectural engineering.

The course is suitable for beginners with no prior CAD experience, as well as professionals looking to upgrade their skills and knowledge in CAD software. Upon completing the course, learners will be able to create technical drawings, design 2D and 3D models, and be familiar with industry-standard CAD software tools and techniques. They will also be able to apply their skills in the engineering, manufacturing, and architecture industries.

Here are some more details about the CAD Draftsman training course:

Course Content:

The CAD Draftsman training course covers a range of topics, including:

Introduction to CAD and its applications in various industries

Drawing standards and conventions

Drafting principles and practices

2D and 3D modeling techniques

Geometric construction and precision measurements

Working with layers, text, and dimensions

Working with blocks and attributes

Creating and editing 3D models

Rendering and visualization techniques

Working with assemblies and parametric modeling

Introduction to simulation and analysis

Design automation and customization

Collaboration and data management

Course Duration:

The duration of the CAD Draftsman training course varies depending on the course structure and mode of delivery. It can range from a few weeks to several months. Some courses may be self-paced, while others may be delivered through live online classes or in-person instruction.

Course Requirements:

There are no specific prerequisites for enrolling in a CAD Draftsman training course. However, learners should have basic computer skills and be familiar with using Windows or Mac operating systems. Familiarity with engineering or design principles is a plus, but not mandatory.

Course Outcome:

Upon completing the CAD Draftsman training course, learners will be able to:

Create 2D and 3D technical drawings and models using industry-standard CAD software.

Apply drafting standards and conventions to ensure accuracy and precision in technical drawings.

Use geometric construction techniques and precision measurements to create complex designs and models.

Apply parametric modeling techniques to automate the design process.

Use simulation and analysis tools to test and optimize designs.

Collaborate with team members using CAD data management tools.

Customize CAD software to meet specific design needs and requirements.

Apply CAD skills to real-world engineering, manufacturing, and architectural design projects.


Upon completing the CAD Draftsman training course, learners may receive a certificate of completion from the training provider. Some courses may also prepare learners for industry-standard certification exams, such as the AutoCAD Certified User exam or the SolidWorks Certified Associate exam.



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Certificate in CAD Draftsman
Certificate in CAD Draftsman

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